We regularly fundraise for our community's food pantries. Here is a list of organizations the Antrim Dems support.  You can contact them directly if you need assistance.

Food Pantry Locations and contact information:


Bellaire Community Pantry.  Contact Numbers: (231)533-8600 or Bev Isenbarger at (231) 533-8382.


Elk Rapids Community Cupboard.  Contact number is (231)264-8167.


Good Samaritan.  Contact number is (231)588-2208.


Mancelona Community Lighthouse Pantry,   Contact number (231)587-9967.


Mancelona Pantry.  Contact Number (231) 587-9606.

Want to help us fundraise?


 If you'd like to get involved and volunteer at the fundraising events held throughout the year, please contact:


ANTRIM DEMS  keep our Antrim County  highways clean.  Three times a year (spring, summer, and fall) , Antrim Dems volunteer for cleaning up sections of two highways in Antrim County, US-31 and M-88. 

Over the past 14 years , the Antrim Dems have helped 'keep Antrim County highways beautiful' by picking up almost 500 bags of litter along 5 miles of Antrim County highway.  

Dates for 2021 cleanup are:

Spring: May 1-9

Summer: July 17-25

Fall: September 25-October 3.

Want to get involved?  Contact and join us for one or all of these events. 

Because Democracy Needs Us.

Antrim County Democratic Party

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