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Call to Action: Proposed Health Department Resolution Regarding Pandemics and Epidemics

from the Agenda Packet for BOARD OF HEALTH MEETING

10:00 a.m. Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Meeting will be held at theShirley Roloff Center

13513 Division Ave., Charlevoix, MI 49720

For more information, please call (231) 547-7663


Passcode: 106084

Or dial: 1 929 205 6099

Webinar ID: 876 8121 4937

Passcode: 106084

IMPORTANT - Please Attend/ Comment

Page 8-9 of Agenda Packet




Dated: April ___, 2023

WHEREAS, we elected officials have solemnly sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, which was ordained and established to “promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,"

WHEREAS, we elected officials now recognize that the past three years of government-driven countermeasures to the Covid-19 pandemic have had significant adverse effects on the general welfare and the blessings of liberty for our citizens, manifested, for example, by the closures of small businesses, by the record inflation and economic devastation we are experiencing across our state and country, and by the deterioration of mental health among our young people;

WHEREAS, we elected officials now recognize that it is essential to the promotion of the general welfare, and to securing the blessings of liberty, that, going forward, certain rights and freedoms of our citizens be better protected in a pandemic or epidemic or other emergency situation, including the sacred inalienable human and legal rights of our adult citizens (acting on their own behalf and on the behalf of their children), to enjoy freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, the freedom to direct the upbringing and education of their children, the right to medical privacy, and the right to make autonomous choices regarding health care in accordance with the principles of informed consent, including in the context of a genuine doctor-patient relationship unthreatened by censorship or suppression;

THEREFORE, any and all state or local governmental emergency measures affecting, or emanating from, the Health Department of Northwest Michigan or its territory, regarding a pandemic or epidemic, shall expire after 28 calendar days (at 12:01 am on the 29th day), and, after expiration, only a three-fourths vote of the full Board of Health (“BOH”) can authorize continued implementation of such measures, and then only on a month-by-month basis;

THEREFORE, in connection with all public or private gatherings, and public transportation, within the jurisdiction of this Health Department, and all employment relationships therein, the Health Department shall not impose, permit, or enforce Covid vaccine mandates, the mandated masking or testing of asymptomatic persons, or any “vaccine passport” type of system; and no outdoor masking shall be imposed or enforced;

THEREFORE, all Health Department messaging related to Covid-19 vaccination shall henceforth advise citizens to discuss the risks and benefits of the same with their chosen healthcare provider.

THEREFORE, all medical professionals within the jurisdiction of the Health Department shall be free to discuss and critique all public health activities, directives, guidelines, and recommendations (whether emanating from the WHO, HHS, CDC, NIH, MDHHS, HDNM, or otherwise), and, notwithstanding these, shall be free to advise their patients, and prescribe medical treatments for their patients, in accordance with their own (lawful) best medical judgments.

THEREFORE, the Board of Health recommends that its chair consider forwarding a copy of this resolution to the chairpersons of the county-level boards, or their equivalents, in each of the counties in the state of Michigan, inviting them to consider whether passing a similar Resolution might be in the best interests of their own citizens;

THEREFORE, if any phrase or portion of this Resolution is ever declared unlawful by a court or legislature having the proper authority to do so, it shall be struck, and the remainder of the Resolution shall continue in force and effect.

THEREFORE, it is acknowledged that certain activities may be required under state and federal law or other preexisting contract and such obligatory situations are not affected by this resolution.

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