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We are the Antrim County, Michigan Democratic Party — and we believe Democracy Needs you.
Our Mission

The ACDP is an active, grassroots organization that focuses on issues that affect us all. This means meeting the needs of the people by serving social justice, civil liberty, and the common good. We support the full participation of all elements of society in the political and governmental processes.  Our members are moderates, progressives, independents and those who lean right or left. We are entirely inclusive.


Membership is open to all U.S. citizens who are residents of Antrim County.  Membership in the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) includes membership in the ACDP. If you wish to be involved on a local level, ACDP-only membership is available.

Executive Board

  • Chair             Veronica Welter

  • Vice Chair      Fred Goldenberg

  • Treasurer       Martha Davidson

  • Secretary       Jill Spencer

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