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As many of you already know Jarris Rubingh has effectively prevented the Board of Health from applying for an $500,000.00 Nutrition Grant. This Grant would have provided business to our local farmers, and nutrition to our local students. Jarris's political agenda of not taking Grants because they are part of the Critical Race Theory etc..... is costing the County money and students food .... (Previously, I sent out his 12 reasons for not taking this Grant).

It is time for Antrim Dems and Antrim Residents to demand that Jarris be taken off the Health Department Board. Antrim County can not keep giving Grant $$$$ to other counties because of Jarris political agenda.......

The County Board Chair (Terry VanAlstine) has the right of committee assignments, Terry can and must move Jarris off this committee due to the current and potential economic impact on Antrim County.

We need people to attend tomorrow's Commissioner Board meeting to address their concerns of a political agenda taking money and food out of our county.

Please attend if possible otherwise write, email and call the Chair VanAlstine at 231-676-0563

The Board Meeting begins at 10:00 am at the County Building in Bellaire.

Address: 203 E Cayuga St Bellaire

Board Meeting Room on the 2nd floor across from the elevator.

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