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Sign Up - Election Challengers or Public Observers

We are inviting you to join us as Election Challengers and/or as public observers of the work of the County and State canvassing boards. If you are interested and able to to help us with any or all of these opportunities to ensure our nation’s electoral future, please sign up using this form:

1) Poll Challengers - Election Day The Center for Change, as a 501c4 organization with a vested interest in the Election, has obtained approval from ten (10) Northern Michigan Counties to field Poll Challengers for the November 8, 2022, General Election. These Challengers are being organized in: Alger, Antrim, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Chippewa, Emmet, Kalkaska, Luce, Mackinac, and Marquette Counties. We expect to organize challengers in these ten counties on morning and evening shifts, on Election Day itself, with a checklist of items for Challengers to note during their shifts.

As a nonpartisan election challenger you will: (1) monitor the election process at polling locations (2) may raise an official objection, called a “challenge,” if the challenger does not believe that a poll worker is following Michigan’s election law, (3) must be registered to vote in Michigan. It is imperative that if you are interested in being a Poll Challenger with the Center for Change, that you attend at least one training (listed at the bottom of this email).

2) County Boards of Canvassers Observer - begins November 9

The Center for Change, working with the Michigan League of Women Voters, is enlisting volunteers to serve as observers to County Boards of Canvassers who meet after Election Day. These Boards meet to certify the local elections, check the numbers of ballots cast, the tapes from tabulating machines, etc. To quote from the Michigan League of Women voters: “We are seeking volunteers to observe the Board of Canvassers in all of Michigan's 83 counties after the November election. No experience is necessary, but you must watch a training class (10-26 or 11-3, 7:00pm) and subscribe to the League's guidelines. The "training" is information about what goes on at the Canvassing and what an observer should expect. Following each 2-3 hour shift, you must submit a short report via a google survey- this can be done from your phone.

Start and finish days and times of each county's canvassing meetings vary, but we know they must start no later than noon on November 10. Observing the board of canvassers is a great way to learn about this "end" piece of an election. This project has skyrocketed in importance since 2020. The observer reports are reviewed by a number of election attorneys who will try to spot a problem and remedy it before there is a risk to certification. If people would like to sign up, they can do so at: LWV BOC Observer Program.

3) Board of State Canvassers Observer - November 28, 2022

The Center for Change is also anticipating the need for public observers and participation at the Michigan State Board of Canvassers. The State Board of Canvassers is scheduled to meet regularly on November 28, 2022, to begin the process of the state certification of the 2022 General Election. We are anticipating the time and location of this meeting to be broadcast to the public and possibly that they will offer opportunities for virtual/in-person public comment, as they did in 2020. We will update you as information becomes available.

Thank you so much for your interest and dedication to keeping our elections secure! - John Petkus, Chairman of the Board, Election Protection Lead, Center for Change, A Northern Michigan Advocacy Group Training Dates: (Offered with our partner Promote the Vote)

Polling Place Trainings

Absent Voter Counting Board Trainings

If you are signing up or interested in any of this work, please let us know by filling out this form. THIS FORM

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