Call to action - Board of Health - HDNW

The Board of the Health Department of NorthWest Michigan (HDNWM) will be meeting at the courthouse in Bellaire on Tuesday, November 2 at 10 am. They will be considering the termination of the Health Officer Lisa Peacock and the Medical Director Dr. Meyerson because of the mask mandate.

If you can attend please do. The last meeting was loaded with anti masker/vaxers and they could use your support. If not, please use the list of board members below to send an email asking them to support the leadership and department. The eight member board is comprised of 2 county commissioners from each of the 4 counties in the health district. Four of the members are thought to be supportive: Bargy Roloff, MacInnis, Koontz

You can compose your own or lift part of the samples below. Whatever you are comfortable with. Blind copy your email to Lisa, Dr. Meyerson and Jennifer (emails at bottom of attachment) Share this info with parents/teachers that might not be on our list but are supportive of masking.

Please use the this information to contact the Public Health Board to show our support for Public Health.

LIST OF BOARD OF HEALTH MEMBERS 2021 effective 102021
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