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Antrim County Newsletter June 22, 2022

Hello to all our members:

I feel as if each election cycle I say, this cycle we are fighting for our Democracy……This mid-term election, WE ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR DEMOCRACY.  There is a national Republican force in this county, state and country that is trying to alter our Government in which difference of opinion, political party, religion, sexual orientation etc. is being attacked.  The goal is to make this a white, Christian country and it is starting at the local levels. 

Antrim County Democrats need to continue talking and reminding people what Democracy and the United States stand for. There are many Republicans who are disenfranchised with their party.  It is our goal to provide them an alternative while keeping true to our core beliefs (Core Democratic Values).  Doing this in a small county like ours is accomplished most effectively using our two local newspapers, Antrim Review and Elk Rapids News by placing ads.  No one will not take our ads…..$$$$ talk…

Antrim Democratics are kicking off this year’s election cycle with a goal of running 14 ads starting with June 30 going through October 28.  Our ads for the last two years have kept the Antrim Democratic Party name out into the community, addressing issues such as: election integrity, supporting our election clerks, explaining what Democracy looks like and the list goes on.  We know our ads are going to around 20,000 people in a four family home with the newspapers.  This has provided us with an opportunity to be seen and give people hope that there is sanity with the Democratic Party. 

We know our ads have been effective do to the increase in our membership and respond by community members. We are no longer just those few Democrats in Antrim but now are talked about in the Antrim Communities.  Our upcoming ads will continue to address Democratic issues plus promoting our candidates and petitions.

However, we have calculated that doing 14 ads will cost us around $5,000.  As a kick off to our ad campaign, we have an anonymous member who will do a matching fund up to $1,000.  Please consider donating to our ad fund and matching donation.  


Thanks,  Veronica Welter Chair

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