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Candidate Signs Now Available

We have signs for Dr. Bob, Barb Conley and Cathy Albro....still waiting on Gretchen, Dana and Benson......

Another election cycle but what an important one for us....... We will again do POP UP Handing out of Signs from the back of a truck, this election year. We need to get our signs out and placed starting August 30th and September 1st. We will do four weeks or more of these pop ups but I am confident all our signs will be out in the first couple of weeks. We will also be getting some postcards that can be addressed. We are lucky to be able to hand out signs out on both sides of the county this year (Eastport, Elk Rapids, Milton Township Hall and Bellaire).


Tuesday : August 30th / September 6, / September 13/ September 20/ September 27 ( Time: 9:30-10:30)

  1. Eastport/Across from the Post Office (H-31)

  2. Bellaire Richardi Park (Near the intersection of N Bridge St and E Antrim St)

Thursday : September 1/ September 8/ September 15/ September 22/ September 29 (Time: 9:30-10:30 & 5:30 -6:30pm)

  1. 9:30-10:30 am

  2. Elk Rapids/ between the theater and Dems Office (Front Street)

  3. Bellaire Richardi Park (Near the intersection of N Bridge St and E Antrim St)

  1. 5:30-6:30 pm

  2. Milton Township Hall lower parking lot (7023 Cherry Street)

We will keep people posted as we get more signs or any pop up demonstrations in Elk Rapids during this election season.

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