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Current Petitions: To sign or not to sign...

Be Aware that in Michigan, if a petition has 10% of voters signature from the most recent gubernatorial election, the legislature can vote to make that petition law without it going to the ballot of the people and the governor cannot veto it. That is important info!

ALSO- do not sign twice! That will negate both your signatures. Remember which signed!

1- Secure MI Vote: DO NOT SIGN

  • a- Require voter ID for in person and absentee ballots. No more affidavits allowed. 6 days after voting to produce ID if not have one.

  • b- No automatic mailing of absentee ballot, must request one each time.

  • c- restrict mail-in ballots.

  • Sides- for- Republicans to fix “voter fraud.”

  • Dems- against- imposes voting restrictions and makes voting harder.

2- Promote the Vote 2022: SIGN

  • a- allow 9 days early voting

  • b- public subsidize absentee ballots

  • c- if no ID- sign an affidavit

  • d- voters can request absentee ballots from here and onward

  • e- -require voter drop boxes

  • f- post election audits only by state and local officials.

  • Sides: for- Dems- Elections more accessible and still secure

  • against -Rep - fear abuse

3- Unlock Michigan II: DO NOT SIGN

  • a- limit length of emergency orders from state or health officials to 28 days unless extended by legislature.

  • Sides: for- Rep want no government by “decree.”

  • Against- Dems and health officials fear weaken states response in emergency.

4- Audit MI DO NOT Sign when approved

  • Board of Canvassers not yet approved.

  • Would put in place an audit Board to conduct audits, 10 Rep and 10 Dems and no longer under Sec. of State. Funding, public and private, need not be disclosed. Decisions mostly by an unelected group with private founding.

5- Mi Right to Vote SIGN

  • a- allow 2 weekends for in person voting

  • b- more drop-off ballot boxes

  • c- automatic sending of absentee voter applications

  • d- prepaid postage on absentee voter applications and returned ballots

  • e- may verify identity with photo or signature ID’s

  • f- officials begin early counting absentee ballots

  • g- ban laws that add restrictions, restrict funds, or discriminate against challengers. Legislature to fund elections

  • h- prohibit voter ID for absentee voting or SS number for register to vote

  • Against Rep- defend other Laws – (unsure)

6- Let MI Kids Learn- 2 petitions DO NOT SIGN

  • a- student Opportunity Scholarship, K-12, pay for public or private tuition, fees, home school materials, for those financial need.

  • b- Allow tax credit for those contribute to the above Scholarship program

  • Sides-Rep for- Betsy DeVos backs it, opens access quality education

  • Against: Diverts public money into privates schools, undermines public ed.

7- Raise the Wage MI SIGN when approved

  • Board of canvassers not yet approved due to font size

  • Increase $9.87 to $15/hour over 5 years, starting $11/hour in 2023.

  • Sides: for- Lift workers and small businesses

  • Against: Kill jobs

8- Reproductive Freedom for All SIGN when approved

  • Board of Canvassers not yet approved due to font size

  • Amend State Constitution to repeal a law making abortion a felony.

  • Sides: for- ACLU, etc- protects women’s choices

  • Against- Catholic Conf etc- abortion harms.

9- Michiganders for Fair Lending SIGN

  • a- Caps interest rates for payday loans at 36%

  • b- Allows the state attorney general to prosecute lenders who exceed rate

  • Sides – mostly for it, Habitat and ACLU

  • Against- “Law could force legitimate lenders out of business”

10- Michigan United SIGN

  • a- Repeals truth in sentencing laws that require persons convicted of a crime to serve their entire minimum sentence

  • b- Would establish credits & reduce sentences for those who earn degrees or work in prison

  • Side: for- (labor, business, soc services, civil rights) Current law poses a barrier to early release for individuals that demonstrate good behavior

  • Against- (only 1) “Current law ensures crime victims of their safety from harm”

11- The Michigan Initiative for Community Health

  • a- Decriminalizes the use & production of natural plants or mushrooms

  • b- Lowers penalties for possession of controlled substances from a felony to a misdemeanor

  • Sides: for-students and others, its natural relationship

  • Against- fear might increase drug related crime.

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