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Aug. 6, 2024 (State Primary)

Nov. 5, 2024 (General Election)

Michigan voters can now vote four different ways:

  • Early in person at an early voting site before Election Day.

  • By no-reason absentee ballot returned:

  • By postage-paid mail or at a designated dropbox

  • At their early voting site or polling place on election day.

  • In person on Election Day.

Confused about Michigan’s new voting rules? Fems for Dems put together a handy one-page guide for the 2024 elections.

Click on the button below for a clickable PDF you can download, print or distribute to your friends.

Visit for voter resources.

OTHER quick links for michigan voters

The Michigan Secretary of State website allows you to register to vote, apply to vote absentee and much more.

Ballot Power gives you useful information from the Michigan Qualified Voter File:

  • Are you registered to vote?

  • Did you apply for an absentee ballot? When was it mailed to you? When did the Clerk receive it?

  • Your Local Clerk's contact info

  • Your Ballot Drop Box address and hours

DataMade tells you all the names and district numbers of all the federal, state, county and local officials who represent you in government - just enter your address!

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