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Hill Harper - US Senate

Hill Harper is a lawyer, union organizer, actor and single father who owns a well-known coffee shop in Detroit. He’s not a politician, but he’s running for U.S. Senate anyway to ensure every single Michigander has economic security and real representation focused on the people, not lobbyists or wealthy donors. Raised in the Midwest by two doctors, Hill learned early on the importance of public service, and that the purpose of life was to make life better for everyone. Throughout his life, whether on the campus of Harvard Law School or on the set of The Good Doctor, Hill Harper always kept alive that passion for service. It took him to Iowa and then across the country as he campaigned as a top surrogate for his law school classmate, President Barack Obama. That passion for service led him to sit on President Obama’s Cancer Panel, to write several best-selling books aimed at empowering marginalized young people, and to establish a charitable foundation that helps young people achieve their dreams through scholarships, mentorships and grants. Now, Hill is running for U.S. Senate because he believes the depth of the challenges facing our nation demands independence over conformity, and service over personal ambition.

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