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Governor Whitmer Endorses the Conley Campaign

The Primary is around the corner, and excitement is building as endorsements continue to come in. With that said, I am excited to share that the Conley campaign has just been endorsed by Governor Whitmer! This great news comes at a crucial time when we need to let voters know that I am the only true Democrat in this race. Gretchen Whitmer wants us in Lansing, and her endorsement clearly indicates that momentum is quickly building around the campaign. Thank you, Governor! Now is the time to Get Out The Vote! From now until August 2nd, we have plenty of chances to join the team in reaching voters. We are phone banking, knocking on doors, and getting out yard signs every day. If you’d like to get involved sign up here, or contact Danielle at with any questions. We are so grateful for the outpouring of support and donations we’ve received so far. If you have yet to donate, could you contribute $20 today? Every dollar counts and helps us push through in these final days before the Primary.

Thank you for all that you do, and together, let’s Get It Done For Northern Michigan! -Barb

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