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Updated: Jun 22

Growing up, I was surrounded by individuals who believed in the transformative power of service. My father was a dedicated volunteer with organizations like the VFW, Elks, and other service clubs, while my church was always actively involved in charitable efforts.


Despite receiving government assistance throughout my childhood, I was always taught that it was important to give back to others in need.


In college, I was exposed to a broader community and learned more about how the government can help improve the lives of individuals and communities. I was inspired to pursue a career in medicine after seeing the impact that my best friend's father, a family physician, had on his patients' lives. 


I remember his stories of helping people, how doctors heal, solve problems, complete puzzles, and fix broken things - and I knew I wanted to spend my life doing the same. 


After completing my medical education, I had the honor of serving the Navajo Nation and Marquette County as a family physician. Later, I expanded my service to the entire Upper Peninsula as Medicaid Medical Director, working tirelessly to ensure all individuals had access to quality healthcare.


But I wanted to help more. So, in addition to my work as a physician, I also had the opportunity to serve as a national educator, traveling the country to help tens of thousands of family physicians improve their practice of medicine. 


Every time I progressed in medicine, I was driven by a core goal, to help as many people as possible. So, after 15 years in the UP, my focus transitioned to serving my Nation as a Diplomat overseas for a decade. I retired only to return to the Upper Peninsula as Public Health Medical Director for Marquette County. I got to the helm at the height of the pandemic, a role best suited for me to extend my service to a community in need.


Today, with the same drive to help and heal and with the grit and tenacity that pushed me my whole life, I am running for Congress to continue my life's work of serving others. 


I am passionate about promoting sound policies that prioritize the health and well-being of all individuals, including accessible education, healthcare for all, and protecting our environment. I am committed to supporting and defending our rule of law and democracy, ensuring all individuals have access to livable wages and thriving communities.


I believe in the goodness of effective and efficient government. Growing up, I was blessed to be a recipient of programs that helped me achieve the positions that empowered me to help others. America created opportunities throughout my life, and now I want to help facilitate opportunities for the people of Michigan's 1st District; I am running for Congress to help rural Michigan thrive.


With nearly $4 trillion of government spending allocated to education and healthcare, I have the experience, knowledge, and skill set to find solutions to our current problems and ensure that we make wise decisions with our spending. 


I am eager to continue positively impacting the lives across the District, state, and Nation. There is still so much work, and I am ready and willing to do my part to help create a better future for all.

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