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Action Alert - Support our Local Heath Department!

There is another attempt by Republicans to dismantle our 4-county Health Department for Northwest Michigan. You may remember back in November the Republicans tried to fire the Health Dept (HD) officers, Lisa Peacock and Dr. Meyerson. Now that that has failed, Antrim County and Otsego County want to leave the HDNW to create their own Health Departments. As a result, Emmet County is weighing their options. To read about the situation click this link:

The next public meeting of the Health Department:

Tuesday, Feb 1st at 4:30

Location: 220 W Garfield Ave, Charlevoix

Lower Level Conference Room

ZOOM link and agenda are available on website:

We are asking folks to attend this meeting, send emails to our county commissioners asking them to support the department or attend the ZOOM (comments from ZOOM will not be taken). You can also send comments directly to the HD by going to their website and clicking on the “Contact us” link at the bottom of each page.

Antrim County Commissioners on the Board of Health are:

Christian Marcus -

Jarris Rubingh-

We know that this is short notice and your appreciate support!

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